The Auction Closing Deadline is : -
MIDNIGHT [24:00 B.S.T.], FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 2016.
n.b. Bids received after this time will NOT be considered, regardless of proof of postage etc.
Successful bidders will be notified, via their chosen medium, on or before midnight on Friday, October 7th, 2016, subject to the vagaries of the postal system where relevant.
Payment is required within four days of that date, i.e. Tuesday 11th.

The “Hammer Price” will include free delivery to Mainland U.K., elsewhere will be charged at full cost.
Where appropriate, items will be combined to save delivers costs.
Delivery will be insured and require a signature.
Bids may be made from the auction catalogue, sent free to BAYKO Collectors Club members, or from the website  n.b. The website has larger images.
The auction is open to ALL, not just BAYKO Collectors Club members – see section 6 for a slight qualification.
Bids can be made via the following methods : -
Via the Link for each item on the website auction page – separate bids for separate items please.
Via text or call to (+44) 7 443 543 435.
Via land line to (+44) 12 60 27 17 97.
By post to Pete Bradley.  n.b.  Proof of postage will NOT be accepted as proof of bidding.
Whatever the bidding method, if you require proof of receipt of your individual bids please specify, though, given the capricious nature of international postal services, I would counsel against this route, and cannot provide guarantees.
This is a “Sealed Bid Auction”, so, the exact amount of money that you bid, is the exact amount of money that you will pay, if you win.  In the unlikely event of a tie, the earlier bid will win.
For those sections where there is more than one similar item on offer, any individual will only be permitted to win one item, the others will go to the second highest bidder.
This is to maximise the number of “good homes” we find for Robin’s "Treasures".
To defeat collusion and attempts to circumvent this rule, the Auctioneer's decision is final.
Each bid should include a password [and reminder question] of the bidders choice, to provide additional I.D., particularly in the delivery process, for winners unknown to the auctioneer.
Payment Methods : -
PayPal [sterling] – use
Sterling Cheques drawn on a U.K. bank – n.b. This will delay delivery, by a week, whilst the cheque clears.
Cash, but only where collection/personal delivery/half-way meetings have been arranged.  For successful bidders unknown to the auctioneer, the previously mentioned password will come into its own.
If further clarification is required, please feel free to contact the auctioneer at any reasonable time – overseas(?), please watch the time difference – via the contact methods above in section 3.  I will endeavour to help.
n.b.  All items are sold as seen.
Those of you who know me will be well aware that I'm not an instinctively 'rules' person, but, to achieve a balance between the need to provide a fair return to Robin's family, and their objective to maximise the number of good homes for Robin's "Treasures", particularly considering the international nature of the auction, the rules are a necessary tool of the over all fairness approach.
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