BAYKO Adverts in 'Toy Trader'

The 'Toy Trader', black and white magazine was, throughout the entire life of BAYKO, a leading publication for the British toy trade, through which toy manufactures displayed their wares to U.K. toy retailers.
All the images here are courtesy of copies made by the Newspaper Section of the British Library - and, many early ones being in colour, cost a small fortune!
The images were provided either as paper photo copies for the black and white adverts [which have then been re-scanned] or as digital colour photos for the first example of each colour advert taken in situ from a bound copy of that year's issues.
One or two of the images below are slightly skewed, this is because of the quality of the initial image.
Never-the-less, I think the evolution of BAYKO's contact with its retailers is of interest and I hope you enjoy them.

There were also advertising “puffs” and other mentions of BAYKO in 'Toy Trader'.
This was particularly true, following the MECCANO, in the 1960s, which merited a separate mention.
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'Toy Trader' was also used as a regular channel for promoting the British Industries Fair…

Pre-War Adverts

1935, February
1936, February
1936, August
A spectacular double paged, colour advert in the February 1935 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the February 1936 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the August 1936 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the September 1936 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the February 1937 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the September 1939 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the October 1939 issue of Toy Trader
1936, September
1937, February
1939, September
1939, October
1939, November
Advert in the November 1939 issue of Toy Trader
That's it for the pre-war adverts I'm afraid.


1949, May
1949, July
1949, August
1949, September
Advert in the May, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the July, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the August, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the September, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the October, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the November, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
Advert in the December, 1949 issue of Toy Trader
An interesting run of BAYKO adverts, synchronised with other publications, to start in May, 1949 alongside the British Industries Fair that year.
1949, October
1949, November
1949, December


1956, January
1956, February
1956, March / April
1956, May
January, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
February, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
Joint March / April, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
May, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
June, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
July, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
August, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
September, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'
1956, June
1956, July
1956, August
1956, September
1956, October
1956 was rather a strange year in the relationship between BAYKO and 'Toy Trader' : -
BAYKO re advertised in 'Toy Trader' after over 6 years.
Why were the March and April Issues combined into a single, joint issue?
What happened to the November and December adverts?
October, 1956 advert in 'Toy Trader'


1957, January
1957, February
1957, March
1957, April
January, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
February, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
March, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
April, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
May, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
June, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
August, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
September, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'
1957, May
1957, June
1957, August
1957, September
1957, October
Slightly repetitive in that there are 9 adverts again, all of which are repeats the 1956 adverts, though in a different combination of issues.

Slightly “Nerds' corner” material, but you will notice at the bottom right hand corner of all except January's advert, that there is a reference code for the particular image/advert.

October, 1957 advert in 'Toy Trader'


1958, January
1958, February
1958, March
1958, August
January, 1958 advert in 'Toy Trader'
February, 1958 advert in 'Toy Trader'
March, 1958 advert in 'Toy Trader'
August, 1958 advert in 'Toy Trader'
September, 1958 advert in 'Toy Trader'
October, 1958 advert in 'Toy Trader'

A slight reduction in the number of adverts - a sign of things to come, perhaps.

At least there were some innovative new ones this year!

1958, September
1958, October


1959, October
1959, November
1959, December
The last of the Plimpton era adverts - still quoting the Tabley Street address despite the MECCANO takeover.
October, 1959 advert in 'Toy Trader'
November, 1959 advert in 'Toy Trader'
December, 1959 advert in 'Toy Trader'


1960, January
1960, February
Just two general MECCANO adverts, which include a mention of BAYKO on the product list.
Left hand page of the MECCANO products advert January, 1960 in 'Toy Trader'
Right hand page of theMECCANO products advert January, 1960 in 'Toy Trader' - click here for a larger image
February, 1960 advert in 'Toy Trader'
1961, December

This is a classic example of MECCANO's complete lack of a coherent policy for advertising BAYKO.

They obviously went to considerable trouble to build the stunning model of Buckingham Palace shown in the advert, yet only mentioned BAYKO once in their 1961 adverts in 'Toy Trader'.

December, 1960 advert in 'Toy Trader'
1962, January

Just a single advert which mentions BAYKO in 1962

…and remember, this was the year when all the new parts were introduced!

1963, January

Again, just a single mention of BAYKO in 1963

…in this case it's the final one.

January, 1963 advert in 'Toy Trader'
January, 1963 advert in 'Toy Trader'
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