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Yet another talent!!! Most, though not all, of the articles I've written were for the excellent magazine of the BAYKO Collectors Club.
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It has to be admitted that the inspiration for these articles varied. It has ranged from genuine enthusiasm, possibly triggered by a recent BAYKO discovery or a conversation with a fellow collector, to, equally likely, reluctance, instantly cured by the 'subtle' use of the Club cattle prod which passes, doubtless in a secret, 'dark arts' ceremony, from editor to editor!
I'm no writer, though I hope you think I've improved over the years, but it's surprising what a bit of 'subtle persuasion can do!
The BAYKO Collectors' Club, and its illustrious members, work hard to fire the enthusiasm of collectors of BAYKO in particular and of construction toys in general.
I'll update this section as and when I write any further articles for the BAYKO Collectors' Club magazine - though, naturally when you think it through, I usually leave a gap of twelve months or so before I infringe on the Club's copyright, as it were.
Please note, in my defence (!) that, inevitably, these articles have been “frozen in time”, i.e. they are shown exactly as first published. Where investigations have produced information which differs from the article content, it is included as a comment at the end.
I hope you enjoy them - they are listed immediately below : -

About me I'm afraid!.
BAYKO Manuals
The two 'A' additional articles perfectly display the perils of committing to print rather than following the web route…

…fellow collectors were determined to prove the article incomplete by sharing new versions with me…

…an excellent, truly welcome route to shared, increased knowledge!
Large BAYKO Models
How to go about successfully completing large BAYKO models.
Lesser known BAYKO bits
For BAYKO geeks?
Miscellaneous BAYKO
A variety of articles on different aspects of our BAYKO hobby.
Other Architectural Subjects
Non-BAYKO related articles.

In addition to the above, I've also made the odd foray into other media, as listed below : -

'Daily Mail' - 27/02/2008
Response to reader's letter.
'Plastiquarian' - Dec 2014
Plastics Historical Society.
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