BAYKO's First Advert - December, 1934
'British Plastics and Moulded Products Trader'

Fanfare please!!! Well, after all, this is definitely the first 'meaty' mention of BAYKO, the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy that I've been able to find anywhere!
The publication's title is definitely something of a mouthful, but, “it does what it says on the tin” - it was the leading trade publication of its day for the blossoming U.K. plastics trade.
This advert perhaps says more about the [then] still-youthful plastics industry than it does about BAYKO, but it is non-the-less nice, and perhaps significant, to see the enthusiasm with which The BAKELITE Company viewed this latest innovation.
This advert graced page 280 of the December, 1934 edition, 2 months ahead of the mention in 'Games & Toys', the U.K.'s leading publication for the toy trade.
This isn't the only occasion on which BAKEKITE used BAYKO within one of their adverts…

December, 1934 issue of British Plastics and Moulded Products Trader Page 280 - the first substantial, published mention of BAYKO I've found to date.

BAKELITE Materials solve Present Problems.
“Bayko” building bricks are a new application of BAKELITE Moulding Materials. An application which has an educational value, should give hours of happiness to children. With a “Bayko” set it is possible to erect a large variety of model buildings - houses, garages, forts, etc.
These bricks will withstand rough handling in the nursery, and by reason of their excellent design should create a sense of beauty and proportion in the young mind.
“Bayko” Light Constructional Sets are manufactured from BAKELITE Moulding Materials by the Plimpton Engineering Co. Ltd., of Liverpool.
I guess this also means we now know who supplied Plimpton Engineering with their raw materials.
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