BAYKO's First Article - January, 1935
'British Plastics and Moulded Products Trader'

Fanfare please!!! As far as I've been able to ascertain, this is the very first article, “Advertising Puff”, or, in deed, any other form of market related reference to BAYKO anywhere!
The publication title is more than a bit of a mouthful, but, “it does what it says on the tin” - it was the leading UK trade publication of its day for the plastics trade.
Given the early production problems which Plimpton experienced whilst hitting the Christmas, 1934 launch schedule, the commitment which would have been required to achieve this extra publicity must have been something of a burden.
This article graced page 361 of the January, 1935 edition, a month ahead of the mention in 'Games & Toys', the UK's leading publication for the toy trade.
The image below, from a copy obtained from the British Library, Newspaper section, at Colindale and shows the article as it appeared, the full text is set out below…

January, 1935 issue of British Plastics and Moulded Products Trader Page 361 - the second published mention of BAYKO I've found to date.

Plastics and Constructional Toys
We illustrate on this page a very interesting and novel constructional set, which is manufactured from plastics material. The immense advantage of using plastics for children's toys hardly needs to be mentioned, as apart from being easily sterilized by boiling water, they are also clean, hygienic, and the colours remain permanent. Of these particular features full advantage has been taken by the Plimpton Engineering Co., of Green Lane, Liverpool, in the manufacture of their “Bayko” constructional set, which is an ideal toy to teach children to develop skill with their hands and brains.
The illustration in Fig. 1 shows the actual size of a brick, window and door. The method of constructing buildings, etc., from these articles is extremely simple, as down each side of each of the articles shown is a groove into which fits a wire which is fitted into a hole in a base board, and this enables many different shapes and designs of buildings, etc., to be constructed, two of which are illustrated, that in Fig. 2 being a bungalow with front porch, and that in Fig. 3 being a garden shelter and seat.
I can't help but comment on the journalistic style of this article - I just don't believe any similar item, of similar length, would be written today in just 4 sentences! I hope the writer remembered to breathe whilst he was writing it, it's unlikely that anybody could read it without an oxygen tent!
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'British Toys'
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