BAYKO in 'British Toys', December, 1959
The MECCANO Takeover Announcement

Short and sweet sums up this somewhat belated announcement of the takeover of BAYKO by MECCANO a couple of months earlier. This 'British Toys' announcement appeared in the same month as their competitors, 'Games and Toys', and a month ahead of one of another rival, 'Toy Trader'
'Toy Trader' takeover announcement, January, 1960
The text of the announcement is as follows : -
Meccano Ltd. have acquired the entire share capital of the Plimpton Engineering Company Ltd., manufacturers of the famous BAYKO Constructional Sets. It is their intention to re-design and re-present this popular product.
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Thus was an era ended…
…but, of all the announcements, this seems by far the most up-beat.
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'British Toys'
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