BAYKO in 'British Toys', May 1960

British Toys May, 1960 full page showing the article
This is the third mention of BAYKO to appear in 'British Toys', a key publication for both the British and European toy trades.
'British Toys' was now almost six years old and this article shows the intent of the editors, with the announcement of MECCANO's programme for 1960. Under the heading ”MECCANO 1960 PROGRAMME”, the article refers to ”a special twenty-four page brochure” which was issued to retailers of the MECCANO range.
If you have any information on this brochure, I'd love to hear from you…
I don't propose to reproduce the whole article here, not least because the mention of BAYKO is rather limited. Never-the-less, in the context of its inclusion in the brochure, BAYKO is mentioned as follows : -
”In its pages are comprehensive details of the ranges of Meccano construction sets and power units, Hornby Dublo and O gauge trains and accessories, the new and very welcome range of Hornby Speedboats, and the Bayko building outfits.”
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BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'British Toys'
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