BAYKO in 'British Toys', March 1961

This is the first meaty mention of BAYKO from the MECCANO era to appear in 'British Toys', the [then] new publication for both the British and European toy trades.
The article is self explanatory and reads as follows : -
British Toys March, 1961 full page showing the article
From Meccano Limited comes an example of the range of Bayko building sets -now modified and brought into line with the latest Meccano production techniques. A far greater use is made of injection moulding and, in our opinion, this has had the effect of enhancing the finished results. A compression moulding remains for the base on which the buildings are constructed and the general methods of construction follow those of the original Bayko sets. The quality of the moulded parts is first class. Great care has been taken during toolmaking to ensure that, not only do all the parts mate perfectly, but they have a pleasing matt or semi-matt finish which looks exactly ”right”. The set No. 11 which was submitted for review is shown in the beautifully prepared instruction handbook as producing six models but, in fact, many more are possible. The Bayko system of employing reinforcing rods is a good one, for the finished model is always sturdy and accurately aligned. In fact we enjoyed assembling a test model so much that our only regret was that Meccano Limited had not sent a larger set! Packaging consists of a rigid carton which features a modern and attractive full-colour design on its lid. The sets are now, of course, covered by the standard Meccano guarantee of quality.
The caption under the photograph which accompanies the article is short and sweet : - ”Bayko Building Sets by Meccano”.
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BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'British Toys'
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