BAYKO in 'British Toys', February 1962
Model Maker Robert Moy + Buckingham Palace

This ”Advertising Puff” is all about the stunning model of Buckingham Palace, built by MECCANO Model Room Manager, Bob Moy [right].
Buckingham Palace model shown under construction
This was potentially - potentially - a really excellent mention of BAYKO in 'British Toys', a key publication for the British and European toy trade…
I know there are people out there who think I am hard on Mr. MECCANO, but I think, in this case, I can quite easily justify my criticism. Why not read the article and then I'll ask you a question at the end of it - OK?
British Toys February, 1962 full page showing the article
The text reads as follows : -
The Expert Model Maker at Work.
This fine model of Buckingham Palace is built entirely of 3,600 standard parts from a children's house - construction kit. It measures 5 feet by 2 feet and took 80 hours to make.
It is the work of 52-year-old Robert Moy, of Hazelton Road, Liverpool, who has spent more than 30 years designing and building original models, using Meccano as his main material. Among them are a 15-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower, a complete working dock scene with cranes, ships and dredges, and a 6-foot mechanical man.
Mr. Moy's models are world famous. They have been on show in the United States, France and Russia.
So, what was I beefing about?
The article shows the stunning model of Buckingham Palace built by Robert Moy and his team - but what was it made of? The only product mentioned in the article is MECCANO, the product used to make the model - BAYKO I believe it is called - isn't mentioned at all - not once!
Surely I must get some support for my view that this is pure incompetence, to say nothing of a missed opportunity, on the part of Mr. MECCANO
Leo's excellent BAYKO model of Buckingham Palace!
…to manage to get an article printed in a key publication - without it once mentioning the product!!!
This really isn't just pedantry on my part. In most 'market aware' organisations, the company themselves would have actually written the first draft, so the editor would have had to delete references to such as BAYKO - unlikely. Either that or they would 'insist' on a chance to see the article before publication - with a chance to correct such omissions.
There is a second article mentioning the Buckingham Palace BAYKO model, this time in the following month's edition of 'MECCANO Magazine'
If you would like to find out more about BAYKO Supermodels…
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'British Toys'
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