BAYKO in 'British Toys', May 1962
BAYKO in Poland

As far as I can determine, this is the final mention of BAYKO to appear in 'British Toys', a key publication for the both British and European toy trade, yet it actually carries a deceptively positive message..
The article is in the form of an acknowledgement of the first order, received by MECCANO, for several of their products from Poland. BAYKO is specifically included, so we have confirmation that the world's first and finest plastic construction toy was available in [then] communist Poland.
British Toys May, 1962 full page showing the article
The text reads as follows : -
Meccano Ltd. have received a first order for their products from Poland. The order covers a substantial sum and the products include more than 5,000 Dinky Toys models of cars and lorries, and many hundreds of the new-style Meccano outfits welcomed by overseas buyers since all instructions are contained in exploded drawings instead of text. Bayko building sets with which models of houses, churches, garages and even skyscrapers can be built are also in demand by the Poles.
Dinky Toys called for by Poland include the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, the Ford Anglia, the Triumph Herald, a Healey-type speedboat with its trailer, an Austin taxi and the Morris Mini-Traveller, as well as a realistic replica of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police car with two Mounties in full-dress uniform as driver and passenger. For road building scenes there is a demand for such toys as a moveable concrete mixer, a multi-bucket unit and earth-moving equipment.
The same announcement also appeared in 'The Times' a little earlier, on March 26th, 1962, probably around the time that the 'British Toys' entry was being written…
There is also a little information on the Polish market…
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'British Toys'
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