BAYKO in 'Games and Toys', February 1935

This is a copy of the article - more usually referred to in the trade as a ”puff” or ”advertising puff” - which appeared alongside BAYKO's first advert in 'Games and Toys' in February, 1935, and which explained, to the uninitiated U.K. toy retailers, just how good BAYKO was…
BAYKO article in Games and Toys, February, 1935
…and where they could find BAYKO - on the Berwick's stand, number K7, at the B.I.F.
A Constructional Toy that is Different.
Those who have already made the acquaintance of ”Bayko” light constructional sets will have guessed correctly that it is to them that the above remark applies. The fact that this toy, appearing as it did very late in 1934, found its way into so many leading stores throughout the country is the best indication of its worth.
Made of BAKELITE, rigid, washable, and of charming appearance, this toy will be a big feature of Berwick and Co.'s display on stand No. K 7.
The dainty model shown gives some indication of the possibilities of ”Bayko”, but that it is only a very small indication will be realised when one considers the fact that the largest set will make 600 models!
This toy was perforce put on the market hurriedly owing to unexpected difficulties arising in the manufacture. These have been overcome, and it is now complete with accessory sets for transforming one size into the size above it, and there has also been brought out a box of ”Useful Additional Ornamental Parts.”
The first BAYKO advert - 'Games and Toys', February, 1935
Whilst it is an undisputed fact that the number of constructional toys on the market is now legion, there can be no doubt that in ”Bayko” there has arrived something which should prove popular.
There are then 4 paragraphs detailing other offerings on Berwick's stand.
Altogether, with ”Bayko”, the new ”Wembley” miniature football game and rubber railway lines, K 7 looks like being a stand which is going to attract a very considerable amount of attention.
This sort of positive write-up in the UK's leading publication for the toy trade must have helped BAYKO achieve its almost 100% penetration of toy shops and the toy departments of major stores.
BAYKO became a regular advertiser in 'Games and Toys'
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