BAYKO in 'Games and Toys', June 1939 -
Plimpton - Sole Suppliers Announcement

This is a copy of a brief announcement in 'Games and Toys', the leading publication for the U. K. toy trade, that Berwick's Toys, who had managed marketing for the nascent Plimpton Engineering company, had been sidelined and Plimpton had taken the sales and marketing of BAYKO in house.
This actually follows up an advert in the previous edition which, as well as soliciting overseas agents for BAYKO, says the same thing…
Plimpton's announcement of themselves as sole BAYKO suppliers
The article itself reads as follows : -
New ”Bayko” Models.
The Plimpton Engineering Co., 15, Gibraltar Row, Liverpool 3, announce that Bayko sets are now available solely from the manufacturers. The trade have long been familiar with this popular constructional toy. It has several important features which are lightness, appearance, hygiene - for the bricks and models can be washed. Several new designs for the coming season have been prepared; in fact all existing models from 5s. 11d. upwards have been revised. New parts have been added such as curves, bay windows, bricks in half lengths, new corners and new bases. The manufacturers will gladly send particulars on request. Models when constructed are most realistic.
The italics towards the end are mine, not original, but I wanted to draw attention to the offer of ”bricks in half lengths” which, in reality, did not materialise until 2004
…and then only thanks to Brian Salter.
I can only assume that they were intending to refer to the [then] new Long Bricks and Large Windows, which were 1½ bricks in width - but something got lost in the translation!!!
I'm sure that this positive write-up in the UK's leading publication for the toy trade would have helped BAYKO continue its successful growth - if it wasn't for the timing, and a young Austrian lad, with a Jewish grandmother, called Adolph.
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Games and Toys'
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