BAYKO in 'Games and Toys', September 1939

This is only the second major feature, which mentioned BAYKO, to appear in 'Games and Toys', the leading publication of the day for the British toy trade - shame about the timing!
'Games and Toys' article, September, 1939.
Unfortunately this all coincides with the start of the second world war - otherwise who knows where the 'New Series' improvements would have taken BAYKO - particularly given positive trade support like this : -
Improvements in ”Bayko” Building Sets.
Several improvements have been made this year in the ”Bayko” building sets, and these are enumerated in the new book of instructions which has recently been published by the manufacturers, The Plimpton Engineering Co. Ltd., 15 Gibraltar Row, Liverpool. Outfits from 1 to 6 embody these new features, and they are a great improvement on the old models.
This list, which occupies 32 pages and covers, is profusely illustrated, and reproduces photographs of actual models which have been made with ”Bayko” outfits. This constructional toy has long had a deserving popularity. There are several reasons for this, perhaps foremost of which is that the models, when constructed, are clean and hygienic, and are easily sterilized by placing in boiling water or diluted with Lysol. It will be seen therefore, that they are ideal for children incapacitated by sickness or disease.
”Bayko” sets are British made, and are manufactured in BAKELITE. They consist of a number of parts, each of which fit perfectly into position. Although rigid in construction when built, each model is firm and easy to handle. There is no limit to the range of models which can be made, and those shown in the list are merely put forward as suggestions. Interesting, too, is the fact that the younger builder can further increase the scope of model building by acquiring a conversion set. Thus, by purchasing, say, a No. 1 C set, the original No. 1 set can be converted into No. 2. The conversion sets are purely additional, but it should be remembered that they cannot be employed alone for building unless combined with one of the standard sets, which are detailed in the list.
We illustrate herewith two models which have been constructed with ”Bayko” outfits. One shows a small villa, and the other a modern fireplace. We illustrate these to give our readers some idea of the variety of designs which can be built with ”Bayko.”
The outfits consist of bases, screws, connecting links, roofs, red and white bricks, windows, rods, doors, canopies, steps, arches, pillars, platforms, domes, pinnacles, wall cappings, turrets and chimneys. According to the style of model that has to be built so the necessary parts are employed. In the list, plans are shown and details are given of what materials have to be used. It is quite simple, by following the instructions, to build the models illustrated in this list, which include shelters, station halts, schools, villas, pianos, chalets, shops, garden seats, bungalows, garages, bathing pools, and flats. It is, of course, left to the ingenuity of the young model builder to make other models not shown in the catalogue.
BAYKO advert 'Games and Toys', September, 1939.
The retail price of the first set is 5s. 11d., and the other sets are 8s. 6d., 12s. 6d., 17s. 6d., 25s. and 37s. 6d. The prices of the conversion sets are 2s. 11d., 4s. 6d., 5s. 6d., 7s. 6d. and 12s. 6d. A substantial trade discount is allowed.
”Bayko” outfits make an ideal line for the season, and those of our readers who have not received a copy of this list should make early application for same.
It's difficult to see how BAYKO could have received a more favourable press, I'm sure it must have helped convince the trade of the case for stocking the updated version of the world's finest construction set!
Interestingly, there was a similar article which appeared in the rival publication, 'Toy Trader', at the same time…
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Games and Toys'
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