BAYKO in 'Games and Toys', December 1960

This is the second mention of BAYKO to appear in 'Games and Toys', the leading publication of the day for the British toy trade, following the MECCANO takeover. This is interesting, given the date, in that it formally announces the arrival of MECCANO era BAYKO set #12 and set #12C, which is rather surprising given the amount of time which had elapsed [well over 12 months] since that takeover.
'Games and Toys' article, December, 1960
The text itself is as follows : -
”New Bayko Outfit”
”Real fun can be had from the new Bayko building outfit which enables boys and girls to become their own architect and make models of their own design. The new outfit, which retails at 16s 11d, is the latest addition to the Bayko range and is the No. 12 in the series. It can be converted into the No. 13 by adding No 12c. The box top is eye catching and produced in full colour, and there is, of course, a book of instructions, which is also illustrated in fill colour.”
”Bayko is easy and clean to handle, yet firm and rigid in construction. Each model is an excellent replica of an actual building and there is no limit to the range or size of the models that can be built. All parts are standardised with sufficient standard parts, and brick marking are clearly defined and pebble dash is realistically imitated. Glazed windows, opening doors and a T.V. aerial add very effective touches of realism.”
”For those who wish to add further reality to the brickwork, a suitable paste of alabastine or whitening can be made and painted on the mortar of the red bricks.”
”The manufactures of Bayko are Meccano Ltd, a name sufficiently well known to guarantee the quality of the product.”
Mr MECCANO's suspect organisational skills come to the surface again! The more organised Christmas shoppers would already have missed BAYKO's tardy arrival in the local toy shops.
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Games and Toys'
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