BAYKO in 'Toy Trader', September 1939

This is the first major ”advertising puff”, which mentioned BAYKO, to appear in the magazine 'Toy Trader', a leading publication of the day for the British toy trade. Unfortunately this all coincides with the start of the second world war - otherwise who knows where the 'New Series' improvements would have taken BAYKO - particularly given positive trade support like this : -
'Toy Trader' article, September, 1939
The well known building set Bayko has enjoyed considerable popularity over a number of years and we see every reason, after glancing through the new booklet issued by the manufacturers, to anticipate even greater triumphs in the future. The booklet in question has been published by the Plimpton Engineering Company, of 15, Gibraltar Row, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, 3 and contains full particulars of the various outfits together with suggested models which may be constructed. Bayko sets are made in Great Britain and manufactured in bakelite. They are hygienic and easily cleaned or sterilised by placing in boiling water, and are ideal for children who are ill or convalescing.
Each part fits perfectly into position and a firm and rigid model can be constructed without the least difficulty. There is, of course, no limit to the range of models that can be built as almost every conceivable unit is to be found among the standard parts.
There are six sets available and a number of conversion sets so that by purchasing, for example, number 1C set, one converts number 1 set into a number two set. These conversion sets are purely additional and cannot be used for building unless combined with one of the standard sets. The standard sets, by the way, vary in price from 5s. 11d. to 37s. 6d., while the conversion sets retail from 2s. 11d. to 12s. 6d. Separate parts can also be purchased so that the dealer who handles ”Bayko” can look forward to repeat business, the first sale being only the prelude to many more.
During the period before Christmas, we are frequently called upon to supply information as to where ”Bayko” can be obtained and we would appreciate it if readers will make a note of the manufacturers' address in Liverpool and also the address of the London agent, Mr. R. L. Cooper, 22 Kempsford Gardens, S.W.5. The telephone number is Flaxman 7224.
BAYKO advert 'Toy Trader', September, 1939
The advert [above right] also appeared in the same issue, on page 76, and was in deed the first of an insertion over 3 months - presumably part of the deal which 'facilitated' the article.
It's difficult to see how BAYKO could have received a more favourable press, I'm sure it must have helped convince the trade of the case for stocking the updated version of the world's finest construction set…
…it's just a shame that the war got in the way…
…timing, as they say, is everything!
Interestingly, there was a similar article which appeared in the rival publication, 'Games and Toys', at the same time…
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Toy Trader'
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