BAYKO in 'Toy Trader', May, 1960

This was the very first feature, which mentioned BAYKO, to appear in 'Toy Trader', a leading publication of the day for the British toy trade, for more than 20 years!
'Toy Trader' article, May, 1960
The timing of this ”advertising puff” is more than a little premature as MECCANO era BAYKO didn't hit the shops for another 6 months, still, this was the message : -
Building Sets
Meccano Ltd. Modernisation has enhanced the reputation of Bayko building blocks - recently added to the Meccano range. The blocks are precision moulded and of interlocking construction. As a result ”lifelike” houses, shops and so on, can be made and will be perfectly solid until dismantled. Windows of the new Bayko sets are glazed and colours have been changed to those of contemporary buildings. A new wrapper has also been introduced.
Materials: plastic. Availability: immediate.
For further details tick form TT409 on the Free Service Form.
For the record, Plimpton era BAYKO remained available until MECCANO's own product was finally available.
Clearly an attempt to reclaim BAYKO's market position and provide some much needed support, it's just a shame about the errors : -
The ”blocks” are not of ”interlocking construction” as stated in the article.
What does ”A new wrapper has also been introduced.” mean? Possible they meant to say, ”New packaging has been introduced.”
As I said above, BAYKO sets didn't hit the shops for another 6 months, [despite the optimism shown here] desperately beating the vital Christmas deadline by no more than a month, but missing all the 'early bird' shoppers…
…and people wonder why I so frequently question Mr MECCANO's organisational skills!!!
I've now identified the source of the strange content of this short article…
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Toy Trader'
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