BAYKO in 'Toy Trader', January, 1961

The 'Toy Trader' magazine was a leading publication for the UK toy trade and they published this brief article in the January, 1961 edition. Given that the takeover was in 1959, and that the new MECCANO era BAYKO was launched by the start if the last quarter of 1960, this article was rather late emerging, though may have been a 'better late than never' response to the latter.
'Toy Trader' article, January, 1961, first page
As so often seemed to happen, the BAYKO article was spread across two adjacent [facing] pages, which you can clearly see from the two images…
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New Bayko Outfits
BOYS and Girls are forever building things with wooden bricks, cards, or, indeed, anything they can lay their hands on. With the help of the new Bayko building system they can now make realistic model houses of their own design.
The latest additions to the range of building outfits, nos. 11 and 12, can, as the illustration shows, be made up into a bungalow with a TV aerial and small garden and a drive-in bank respectively. Obviously, the combination of the various outfits makes for larger and more detailed buildings. As can be seen from the picture, most Dinky Toy cars are in scale with Bayko and provide an authentic touch to a house or garage.
Made of polystyrene, Bayko parts are easily put together with light metal bars on bases of neutral grey. Building Outfit No. 11 costs 9s. 11d. and No. 12, 16s. 11d.
'Toy Trader' article, January, 1961, second page
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I am unsure as to whether or not I should read anything in to the fact that only two set sizes, #11 and #12, are mentioned, but it seems highly likely that these two set sizes were indeed launched earlier than sets #13 or #14 or, almost certainly, the conversion sets. If you have any more information on this timing then I'd love to hear from you…
The photo within the article is typical of those used in the ‘Toyman’ articles…
BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Toy Trader'
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