BAYKO in 'Toy Trader', March, 1964

This was the final mention of BAYKO to appear in 'Toy Trader', or, more accurately 'Toy Trader and Hobby & Model Stockist' a leading publication of the day, through which Toy Manufacturers communicated to the British Toy Trade.
Page 31 of Toy Trader and Hobby & Model Stockist, March, 1964 including the mention of BAYKO accessory packs
The mention of BAYKO in this ”advertising puff”, however brief, was clearly intended to communicate to the U.K. toy trade that a new range of BAYKO Retail Packs, was to be made available to supplement, or just possibly replace, the original six packs.
Sadly, whatever the original intentions, these packs never materialised. I don't see how anyone could realistically confuse the launch of new packs with the availability of the original Retail Packs, which had been launched almost two years earlier, so it looks like someone changed their mind.
The relevant part of the script reads as follows : -
”New packs of both Meccano accessories and Bayko accessories will also be available.”
Short, if not ultimately sweet, there simply aren't enough words to engender confusion…
…new packs were planned, but never emerged.
This is the last direct communication to the toy trade, specifically about BAYKO, that I've been able to find, to date - and I suspect there were no more.
BAYKO had been a regular advertiser in 'Toy Trader'
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