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Charles Bird Plimpton's company, Plimpton Engineering, launched BAYKO ready for Christmas, 1934, though there is evidence that it was produced and sold, in limited quantities, the previous year.
The world's first [and finest!] plastic construction toy had at least 5 different homes during its short 30 year life.
All 4 of the Plimpton era factories were quite close to both Liverpool docks and the city centre : -
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Until 1935 BAYKO production was located at 34 - 40, Green Lane, Liverpool 3.
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In 1936 and 1937 BAYKO occupied 112, Old Hall Street, Liverpool 3 - possibly sharing premises with C.B.'s father's [J. C. Plimpton] Import/Export business.
This area was badly bombed during the war and has since been totally redeveloped.
Coincidentally, I worked, virtually on the same site, in 'The Littlewoods Organisation' Head Office - 'The J. M. Centre' - for 4 years in the mid 1970s.
► 3
It looks like Plimpton's next premises had a luckier war, because from 1938 to 1955 BAYKO was produced at 15, Gibraltar Row, Liverpool 3.
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Between September, 1955 and the 1959 MECCANO take-over, BAYKO production was carried out in Tabley Street, Liverpool 1.
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The MECCANO era factory address is less certain.  Prime candidate is at an unknown [to me] address in Speke, Liverpool 24, but Hanson Road, Aintree, Liverpool 9, not far from the world famous Grand National racecourse, is also a possibility.
My apologies for the confusion I have caused by this uncertainty, and my early 2015 error in this respect.
After MECCANO was taken over by Lines Brothers in 1964, it is possible [though not probable] that production was moved again, but I've no information on that I'm afraid…
Despite a substantial effort, I've failed to find contemporary photos of any of the Plimpton era factories. Courtesy of Mr. Hitler and other more selective developers, none have survived to the present day, but if you can help, then I'd love to hear from you…
So far I've had one excellent response to my enquiries, by Paul Kennelly of the West Wales Museum of Childhood. You can find this excellent, evocative museum located on  the A484, Carmarthen to Cardigan road, about a mile north of Llangeler.
He sent me the five photos [below] of the Hanson Road, Aintree site, the second candidate for BAYKO's final home : -

Aerial view of the MECCANO BAYKO factory on Hanson Road Liverpool
Side View of the MECCANO BAYKO Factory, Hanson Street, Liverpool
Broader Front View of the MECCANO BAYKO Factory, Hanson Street, Liverpool
This aerial view [above] shows the complete Hanson Road site, with the ex MECCANO BAYKO factory running down the left hand side - note that some, if not all, of the roofing has been replaced over the intervening years.
Front View of the MECCANO BAYKO Factory, Hanson Street, Liverpool
Front View of the MECCANO BAYKO Factory, Hanson Street, Liverpool
Ex MECCANO BAYKO Factory - 2014

I think the above photos give you a good idea of what the MECCANO BAYKO Factory would have looked like. It would seem that there have been changes to the roofs and modern boarding has been added, in addition to the signage. The property is now occupied by Hayes and Finch [church furnishers], so it's still responsible for producing heavenly products!!!
Pews for thought - is that why the building has been altared‽
The document [right] is a Delivery Note, No. “SF 1744”, which came from the MECCANO Service Department, and is not actually BAYKO documentation…
MECCANO Service Department Delivery note, incorporating the Hanson Road address
…but it does, however, confirm the factory address : -
Hanson Road
Liverpool 9
As I said [above] this is my second choice, as the MECCANO era BAYKO factory.
The Delivery Note is for a replacement “No. 1 Clockwork Motor”
…and is dated February 8th, 1963.
If you click anywhere on the image, you'll see a slightly larger version, which will, perhaps, make it a little easier to read.
This image is shown courtesy of a gentleman who did not leave his name, I am, however, no less grateful for that!
I've just completed my umpteenth web search, and still can't find any information on the MECCANO era BAYKO manufacturing operation, or any confirmation of the Speke factory…
…indeed this page comes up quite high every time as one of GOOGLE's prime offerings(!)…
…so, if you have any photos, documentation, or, in deed, any other information on the possible MECCANO era BAYKO factories, then I'd love to hear from you…
I am indebted to Geoff Lilleker for his help with some of this information on BAYKO Factories, particularly with the dates they were occupied.
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