C.B. Plimpton and the EGGHEADS

You never quite know when BAYKO will suddenly leap out at you, even though the product had been allowed to die peacefully in MECCANO's sleep what's now well over fifty years ago. Here is a great example : -

Eggheads pondering the question
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What was the name of the man who invented MECCANO and DINKY TOYS?
Eggheads with the answer
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Frank Hornby.
That was the question posed to the EGGHEADS team, in the quiz programme of the same name, on BBC2, on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010. [above, left] The correct answer given [above, right], during the 'General Knowledge' section, which is the programme's climax, was, of course, Frank Hornby.
So what has that to do with BAYKO?
Well, the format of the programme requires that three alternative answers be provided…
…and the first suggestion was Charles Plimpton, inventor of the world's first, and finest(!), plastic construction toy.
For the record, the third answer proffered was George Parker. Who he? : -
Given that I lived there for twenty one years, it would be nice if the reference was to the second Earl of Macclesfield, however, given the theme of the question, the George Parker who invented the Fountain Pen and manufactured them as PARKER PENS seems the more likely!
Thanks to the BBC and 12 YARD PRODUCTIONS for use of the images, and to Robin Throp for acquiring them for me.
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