MECCANO Chairman Resigns
'Toy Trader', July, 1964

I'm not sure I'm particularly proud of my motives for including this one, but Mr. J. C. Tattersall was ultimately the executioner, responsible for BAYKO's death [sic], so it does really have to be included, if only for completeness.
This announcement was included in page 23 of the July, 1964 issue of 'Toy Trader' and concerns the resignation of Mr. J. C. Tattersall from the position of Managing Director of the MECCANO Company - within months of killing off the world's finest plastic construction toy…
…now you see what I meant above!!!
…at Meccano
Toy Trader announcement of the resignation of the MECCANO Chairman, July, 1964
MECCANO, Ltd., have announced that Mr. J. C. Tattersall's resignation from the position of managing director has been accepted, by mutual agreement, by the board of the company.
Mr W. Graeme Lines, recently-appointed chairman of Meccano, said recently that Mr. H. Joe Fallman, who has been a director of the company since the beginning of the year, has accepted the board's invitation to take over the management of the company.
Mr. Fallman, who is 36 and lives in Heswall, joined Meccano in 1962 from the English Electric Company's factory at Rugby, where he was a senior engineer with the steam turbine and diesel sections. He is married with three children.
You don't have to read too deeply between the lines here, e.g. there's no “thanks for his valuable contribution”
…it looks like a hatchet job by TRI-ANG, with a 'pre-appointed' successor.
I have to be careful not to read too much into this brief announcement, but it seems clear that TRI-ANG were pleased to be rid of him…
…serves him right for killing off BAYKO - even if, “he was only obeying orders”!!!
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