BAYKO - The Battle of BRITAINS

Firstly, I suppose I should apologise for the corny suspect [though not misspelled] title, but, you must be getting to know me by now, and realise that I just couldn't resist it.
In a conversation with the daughters of C.B. Plimpton, BAYKO's inventor, they proffered a surprising, and, as far as I am aware, otherwise unknown piece of information.
At the same time as their mother, who took over the business following the death of inventor C.B. Plimpton, was dealing with MECCANO, who were ultimately successful in buying the Plimpton Engineering Company, BAYKO's manufacturer, she was also dealing with a second commercial suitor who were equally keen to buy!
That company, as you've probably already guessed from my corny headline, was none other than BRITAINS, who are still trading successfully as the manufacturer of agriculturally themed toys and toy soldiers. The company is now owned by First Gear, an American manufacture of diecast collectibles.
Other than proffer the possible explanation that Plimpton's three decades of plastic manufacture might well be have been attractive to a fellow toy manufacturer at the time, I can offer no further information, but you can't help but wonder...

Britain's Logo
The current BRITAINS logo [left]... a whimsical 'might have been'...
...BRITAINS BAYKO logo [right].
Possible Britains Bayko logo

Perhaps a little surprising is the fact that the BAYKO component of the logo [above, right] is actually the lettering from the standard MECCANO era BAYKO logo, unchanged apart from the removal of a serif from the top, left of the 'A' to match its BRITAINS counterpart.
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