I currently have no BAYKO documents from the East African Market, but : -
1963 - MECCANO Price List

Front page of 1963 East Africa MECCANO catalogue

This version of the 1963 MECCANO products catalogue supported the market in East Africa [Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika - it pre-dates the latter's union with Zanzibar].
The two BAYKO specific pages [below] were included, but, for whatever reason, BAYKO was NOT included in the actual price list which forms part of the booklet...
...whether or not this implies that BAYKO was not available in East Africa I don't know...
...perhaps BAYKO was only available directly from the import agent...

Left BAYKO page of 1963 East Africa catalogue

Right BAYKO page of 1963 East Africa catalogue

L. J. Chapman (East Africa Ltd),
P.O. Box 5029,

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