I currently have one BAYKO document from the Dutch market...
BAYKO Explanation Sheets - Unknown Date 1947? or 1948?
These two images were discovered recently, in photocopy form, as part of a 'set' of the same document as translated into four languages - Flemish, French, German and Spanish.
Dating it is difficult as there is no printed information, or at least none that has been preserved, but the basic, unornamented layout suggests austerity, and is, therefore, likely to predate other similar documents.
If you can help date these documents more accurately, then I'd love to hear from you...
Set Contents Explanation
BAYKO Explanation

Flemish language set contents information, probably from the late 1940s

Flemish language BAYKO description, probably from the late 1940s

The above document, was intended to supplement the English language manuals in BAYKO sets #0 to #3, explaining to the lucky young collector the basics about how to play!
As I said at the begining of this entry, there are three other versions of this document format...
I have no BAYKO documents from the Plimpton era...
...but I do have a little more relevant information.
I believe that Plimpton deliberately targeted Belgium, with its dual French and Flemish culture, to drive the BAYKO market throughout France and the Benelux countries [Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg].
If I'm right on this, then my Belgian market information is relevant here...
If you have any information on the Dutch BAYKO market then I'd love to hear from you...
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