It is worth noting that the Italian language documentation also helps facilitate access to Switzerland, where we know there was a BAYKO market, at least briefly.
I don't suppose the Italian market ever ranked too highly in BAYKO terms, but it certainly lasted at least ten years. I currently have four BAYKO documents which supported the Italian Market : -
1954 Leaflet Included with Sets
1954 Leaflet explaining BAYKO in Italian
1954 Leaflet showing BAYKO Set Contents in Italian
BAYKO Product Explanation
BAYKO Set Contents
The dating of 1954 actually comes from the English language manual included in the same set as this Leaflet, so it may well have covered a longer period.
The format is the same as that used for other export markets, with set contents on one side and a brief product explanation on the other.
By way of proof, I also own a very similar French language sheet...
205 mm x 131 mm = 8.1 x 5.2 inches

1955? Leaflet Included with Sets
Leaflet explaining BAYKO in Italian with the Ref. No. 4 added
Leaflet showing BAYKO Set Contents in Italian opposite to the side with Ref. No. 4 added
BAYKO Product Explanation
BAYKO Set Contents
This is strange!!! As far as I can tell, this leaflet is identical to the one above, except that the phrase "Ref. No. 4" has been added to the bottom middle of the Product Explanation side [above left].
I have assumed that this version is the later version purely because, to me, it seems much more likely that you would spend money to modify the printer's block to add a new code rather than to remove a redundant one, which could otherwise simply have been left there.
Perhaps it's a bit nerdish, but you may be interested to learn more about these and other codes...
205 mm x 131 mm = 8.1 x 5.2 inches

1962 - MECCANO General Products Leaflet
1962 Italian MECCANO Products Leaflet - BAYKO Included
1962 Italian MECCANO Products Leaflet - reverse
This document is shown courtesy of Andrew Lance and Andy Rowley of the Hornby Railways Collectors Association.
It dates from 1962, and, given that it includes references to set #14C and set #15, it is likely to be dated August or later.
The DINKY TOYS displayed are supplied from MECCANO France, but there is no suggestion that the BAYKO is from there. Either way, the main address quoted is still Liverpool.
The BAYKO section nestles dead centre on the front page [left above], though I guess the question of which is the front is somewhat arbitrary!

1963 - MECCANO Catalogue
Front page of 1963 Italian MECCANO catalogue
1963 Italian BAYKO price list
Left BAYKO page of 1963 Italian catalogue
Right BAYKO page of 1963 Italian catalogue
The above document is the standard UK catalogue of the same date, translated into Italian, with the pull-out price booklet in Italian lira and the address of the local importer.
151 mm x 106 mm = 5.95 x 4.2 inches

1964 - MECCANO Catalogue
Front page of 1964 Italian MECCANO catalogue
There is no reference to BAYKO in this 1964 catalogue... why is it included?
This catalogue format, including the style of artwork on the cover, is common to most markets, and is normally a MECCANO general products catalogue, however, in this case, it is solely for MECCANO itself.
I have included it here as a further example of the inconsistent marketing strategies of Mr. MECCANO.
If you scroll down, you will see that there was, indeed, a larger range of contemporary MECCANO products, including BAYKO, supplied to the Italian market, and I cannot explain why they weren't included here.
221 mm x 171 mm = 8.7 x 6.7 inches

1964 - MECCANO General Products Price List
Front page of 1963 Italian MECCANO General Products Price List
1964 Italian MECCANO General Produsts Price List, BAYKO page
In contrast to the above catalogue, this MECCANO General Products Price List is not restricted to MECCANO alone, and does include BAYKO.
This document comprises a single sheet, printed on both sides, then folded twice to generate eight mini pages. The BAYKO entry [above, right] is printed on the reverse of the front cover [above, left], and is effectively page two as the catalogue unfolds. It is the second item on the page, and, if you click anywhere on the page, you can see a larger image of the BAYKO entry. You will see that the BAYKO entry is even more minimalist than the 'Flanged Bricks'.
The word "SCATOLE", according to both Wikipedia and Babel Fish, means "boxes", though I suspect 'boxed sets' is nearer the mark.
140 x 249 mm = 5.5 x 9.8 inches
There is further evidence of BAYKO in the Italian market during the MECCANO era, in a multi-lingual document in the Liverpool Maritime Museum...
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