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I designed and built this St. BAYKO Cathedral model, with some help from the late Robin Throp, with a particular emphasis on realistically modeling the management of the huge lines of stress that a real architect would have had to control. I thought this would lead to a very realistic model, and I believe I was right - it worked, and I am pleased with the results. It has been displayed, and well received, at events from Brighton to Liverpool.
During the building process I regularly stopped, and took photographs, as a record of its construction, and my BAYKOMAN Screensaver is the result of that photographic record.

Since that time I've routinely displayed this construction process, via this Screensaver, at exhibitions across the country, bringing animation to the display - and I've received many appreciative comments, including requests for the software.
The St. BAYKO Cathedral Screensaver is available for just £5.
My cathedral model
The Screensaver is available in two forms…
…firstly as an animated PowerPoint presentation…
…secondly as an Animated .GIF file…
…you can pay via PayPal, using
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