Christmas 1942
'Daily Telegraph' Magazine Article

This article was printed in the Daily Telegraph magazine. I'm afraid I don't know the date, but feel confident that it must be from December in either 1992 or, less likely, 2002 as an anniversary retrospective. The two pages have been torn from the magazine, which explains my vagueness about the date, and the slight edge damage, but I don't think either really detracts from the article.
It's another example of BAYKO being recognised as a typical toy of the day, which speaks volumes for the status of BAYKO.
New Series BAYKO sets made between 1939 and 1941
Unfortunately, the set they chose to use for the illustration is 10 years, or thereabouts, later than the date referred to…
…sets like the ones shown here, to the right, would have been more appropriate, both of them having been manufactured some time between 1939 and 1941.
Still, that's a BAYKO rivet-counter speaking…
…it's nice to see BAYKO being recognised.
Thanks to Andy Harris for finding this article and passing it on to me.

Lefthand page of the Daily Telegraph magazine article from December 1992 or 2002.
Righthand page of the Daily Telegraph magazine article from December 1992 or 2002.

The script of the article is as follows : -
On his return from the bomber base at RAF Scampton on Christmas Eve, Squadron Leader Shepherd found that his wife and children had already decorated the house with home-made paper chains and garlands. The tree wasn't as impressive as usual, but at least it was small enough to take down to the air-raid shelter. They had made cards for Father, and lined them up on the mantelpiece to greet him.
Despite the recent victory at El Alamein, the troubles of the war weighed heavy. In church on Christmas Day, they prayed for those who had not been given leave. Mrs Shepherd thought of her brother and hoped he had received his Harrods Food Box. It had cost a staggering 27s 6d.
After church, she put the finishing touches to lunch. She had collected ration coupons to buy the ingredients for a Christmas cake and plum pudding. Turkey was out of the question, but she had bought a leg of lamb and used a pudding recipe from a Ministry of Food leaflet on how to stretch rations.
The whole family stood to attention while the national anthem played on the wireless. After the King's speech, first broadcast 11 years earlier, the children ran to unwrap their presents. Mother had knitted Mary a toy guardsman and chosen some camouflage tin toys for Peter. Rather poor presents, she thought, but at least they had visited Santa Claus at Bourne & Hollingworth.
The parents gave each other books: mainly paperbacks, which were, as the advert said, only 6d, 'the same price as a packet of cigarettes'. Squadron Leader Shepherd took snaps with his Six-20 Kodak Junior to take with him back to his airbase.
Television had stopped for the war. On Boxing Day, unable to get theatre tickets for Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, they went to see Holiday Inn at the Gaumont: it included Irving Berlin's hit song, White Christmas.
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