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There is no direct mention of BAYKO in this piece, but I found it interesting non-the-less. It's easy to forget, today, just how vital the post-war export drive was felt to be at the time.
The article appeared in 'Toy Trader' in April, 1946 and is reproduced [below] in full. It clearly demonstrates that the U.K. government of the day felt that exports were a key strategic area for development.
There is evidence that BAYKO achieved a peak export level of 35% of total production, i.e. around 1,000 sets a week, so clearly the messages, like this one, were taken seriously…
Postwar Exports article from 'Toy Trader', April, 1946
The article reads as follows : -
As a result of the Department of Overseas Trade (Dissolution) Order, 1946, which was made on March 20th, the Department of Overseas Trade will cease to exist as a separate department after the end of this month. From April 1st its functions will be taken over by a newly formed Export Promotion Department of the Board of Trade, to which the staff of the Department of Overseas Trade will be transferred.
Mr. H. A. Marquand, the present secretary of the Department of Overseas Trade, becomes an additional Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade with the title of Secretary for Overseas Trade.
It is intended that, as soon as circumstances permit, the Export Promotion Department should be housed with the rest of the Board of Trade headquarters. Meanwhile they will remain at the present address of Department of Overseas Trade and correspondence and enquiries formerly sent to that Department should, from April 1st, be addressed to the Board of Trade, export Promotions Department, 35, Old Queen Street, London, S.W.1. Telephone Victoria 9040.
As was explained by the Prime Minister in a statement made on December 17th, the object of the new arrangements is to improve the services which the Government can render to overseas trade.
Well, I hope you found that interesting and if you have any information on exports in general, or BAYKO in particular in the early post-war years, them I'd love to hear from you…
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