The purpose of this page is to both to provide [and recognise] support for the long term objectives of this site, and of the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB which I've always tried to reflect. As such I've included various links to active supporters of the site and the B.C.C., plus BAYKO dealers; B.C.C. member's sites; other related hobby sites; and other sympathetic sites…
…to encourage interest in construction toys in general and BAYKO in particular.

If you are interested in buying BAYKO spare parts, then, although I am not really a dealer, nevertheless, I may be able to help…
On the other hand, should you be interested in buying replica BAYKO rods I can definitely help…

The links below are in approximate alphabetical order and I thoroughly recommend each one with equal enthusiasm.


The BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB now has its own website


If you are looking for help with any aspect of BAYKO, or more information on the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB


Chris Boutal is the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB Membership Secretary, and will happily help with any enquiries you may have.


Gary's main interest is in architecture and architectural toys…
…however, he has produced an excellent range of plans for modelling actual buildings…
…and some additional panelling to support this objective.
Click on the link below…
…then on the Bayko Master Plans link.


Andy is a member of the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB and regularly attends meetings.
He clearly has an interest in photography in association with BAYKO and his other interests.
Click on the link below for Andy's photographs…
…then click on a further link for his BAYKO photographs.

Andrew Horner

Andrew Horner is a member of the HORNBY Railways Collectors Association U.K.
A very active collector, Andrew is particularly focused on what he describes as ephemera [marketing materials, literature, and paperwork / documentation] from MECCANO Ltd., and HORNBY DUBLO.
I personally appreciate Andrew's efforts, he's been a pro-active supporter of this website for many years…
…for which both I, and the BAYKO world, are very grateful.


Seattle based, Alan Winston leads on this blog…
…though, in fact, he contributes to several blogs…
…the blog is promiscuous, like the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB, in covering many systems…
…why not click on the link below and find out more.

HORNBY Railway Collectors Association

The HORNBY Railway Collectors Association 'does what it says on the tin' including providing an excellent website for the use of its members.
This site, unsurprisingly, includes a large range of HORNBY related literature, with a rather inevitable overlap with BAYKO after the MECCANO takeover. The society has generously shared the relevant documents with this site, for which many thanks, but of course there is also much else which I am sure you will find interesting. They have also invited BAYKO Collectors Club members to show off their pride and joy at their exhibitions.

Jackie Britton - Architecture and Architectural Toys

Jackie is a member of the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB and regularly attends meetings.
Her main interest is in architecture on a scale of 12 inches to the foot…
…but Jackie also collects and plays with architectural toys of every type.
Click on the link below for Jackie's home page…
…then click on further links to see the full range of her interests.

KIDDICRAFT & Hilary Page

A lively yet thoughtful study of this manufacturer of KIDDICRAFT plastic toys, a contemporary of C.B. Plimpton, by Charles Saunter…


While focussed primarilly on MECCANO itself, Timothy Edwards excellent site is much more broadminded than that, and includes a number of BAYKO-related images, including several pre-MECCANO takeover, i.e. from the Plimpton era.
This is a very comprehensive site, and well worth a visit.

Melvyn Wright's BAYKO Site

Melvyn Wright is an enthusiastic BAYKO collector and has some excellent photos of BAYKO models for you to enjoy on his website.

Merstham Model Steam Show

Merstham Model Steam Show have agreed to host the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB 75th birthday exhibition in 2009, so this already spectacular show will be even better!!!

The Plastics Historical Society - 'The Plastiquarian'

The Plastics Historical Society 'does what it says on the tin', including providing a lively website for the use of its members, and an excellent magazine - 'The Plastiquarian'.


Christian Braun has set up an excellent website dedicated to toys…
…and there is a growing section dedicated to construction toys…
…naturally BAYKO and the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB are well represented.

Train Collectors Society

Ever since they played host to the BAYKO COLLECTORS CLUB 70th birthday exhibition, the Train Collectors Society have continued to welcome a more modest contribution towards their annual show at Sandy, Bedfordshire…
…the show is excellent - and not just because of the inclusion of BAYKO!!!

Brighton Toy Museum

The Brighton Toy Museum is an exciting, nostalgic museum, and is well worth a visit. It includes a modest BAYKO exhibit.  Their website also includes a brief history of BAYKO.

West Wales Museum of Childhood

This is an excellent, nostalgic museum, which is again well worth a visit, and includes a small BAYKO exhibit.

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