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This section isn't just for the BAYKO nerds, far from it, though of course they are particularly welcome - after all I'm one myself! I intend to cover every aspect of paperwork and printed documents from throughout BAYKO's 30 year life time.
BAYKO related paperwork covers a multitude of sins, so, for simplicity, I've split this 'Literature' section into no less than 10 different areas. Hopefully that should make it all easier to follow - I'll leave it to you to decide. The sections are as follows : -
1934 BAYKO Flier - probably the earliest ever produced
Chris Reeve's excellent trade leaflet - a source of several pieces of information
Click on any of the ten links above [or the ones at the bottom of the page] to uncover more information on the various categories of BAYKO literature - enjoy!
There is already a substantial range of literature on the linked pages, eventually, if my ISP allows me enough space, I'll display each page of each catalogue / manual [both stills and animated] - there are already well over fifty!!!
In the mean time I hope you enjoy seeing how the style of documents evolved over BAYKO's 30 year life.
Plimpton used a number of different printers over the years to produce their literature…
If you have any literature, or images, that I haven't got on the site, then I'd love to hear from you, either to buy or just to borrow so that I can add it to the site. If you have anything I could use…
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