BAYKO Supplementary Leaflet - 1948

This Instruction Leaflet was produced by Plimpton as part of the launch process for the new, post-war range of BAYKO supplementary parts.
When set #3 manual was introduced in 1948, this leaflet was incorporated as part of what is shown almost as an appendix at the end of it...
...though they were still being sent out to customers in April 1950...
It is printed, double sided, in black, red and green, on cheap, off-white paper and folded to provide just 6 pages.
Size 248mm x 184mm = 9.8 x 7.25 inches.
One interesting area worthy of note, pointed out by Heather Monforth, is that there are two differences between this 'original' version of the Mansion model and its successors in the early Peak Period manuals : -
Firstly, here the two gables at the front have been constructed without the use of Side Bricks and Side Windows - not least because they hadn't been invented yet!!!
Secondly, the internal porch details change. Here the internal 'reverse Bricks' are on the sides, facilitating double Doors. In the later version the internal 'reverse Bricks' are facing the front, reducing the internal depth by 40%, and facilitating a single, centred Door.
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Page 1 of the 1948 leaflet
This unusual leaflet contains 6 pages, laid out exactly as they are laid out here, one page above another.

3 pages were printed on each side...

...1 to 3 on one side [left]...

...4 to 6 on the other [right].

The leaflet was then folded, concertina style, to delineate the pages, with only pages 1 and 6 visible when the leaflet is closed.
Page 4 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 2 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 5 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 3 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 6 of the 1948 leaflet
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