MECCANO Era BAYKO Instruction Leaflets
Sets #15 - April, 1962

This set of 6, double-sided Instruction Leaflets was produced by MECCANO for their new BAYKO sets, #15 and #14C, which included a significant range of new Parts.
All these leaflets are actually print-coded April, 1962 - clear evidence of advanced planning for the launch of the new sets which happened in August, 1962! Just to be pedantic, [who, me‽] you'd expect this coding to appear consistently on either the nominal front of the sheet, or the rear.  Mathematically, that would mean that all coding should always appear alongside either the odd numbered models, or the even numbered ones - well it doesn't!!! The coding actually appears below and to the right of models #2, #4, #5, #8, #10 and #11!!!
These leaflets only provide details related to the new sets - all other information was covered by the standard MECCANO era manual which was also included with set #15.
The 12 pages are printed in red, green, yellow and black on white, gloss paper.

Size - 266mm x 217mm = 10.4 x 8.5 inches.
30,000 copies were printed.

There was also a seventh sheet, a separate, slightly smaller, double-sided leaflet which showed all the new parts on one side and the contents of the 2 new sets [#15 and #14C] on the other.
This leaflet is printed in black ink on white, gloss paper.
I can only assume that the discrepancy between the print quantities of the different documents meant that the seventh sheet had an extra advertising flier role in its repertoire.

Size - 217mm x 165mm = 8.5 x 6.5 inches.
40,000 copies were printed.

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Sheet 1, model number B15.1
Sheet 1, model number B15.2
Sheet 2, model number B15.3
Sheet 2, model number B15.4
Sheet 3, model number B15.5
Sheet 3, model number B15.6
Sheet 4, model number B15.7
Sheet 4, model number B15.8
Sheet 5, model number B15.9
Sheet 5, model number B15.10
Sheet 6, model number B15.11
Sheet 6, model number B15.12
This side details the new parts
which were launched in
sets #14C and #15.
Details of the range of new BAYKO parts as shown on a separate leaflet
Details of the contents of sets #15 and #14C as shown on a separate leaflet
This side details
the set contents for
sets #14C and #15.

Now then, please don't think I've gone mad, but I thought you might like to view the 12 models leaflets [but not the parts leaflet] as if they had been published in the more traditional manual form…
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