BAYKO Sets #0 to #3 Instruction Leaflet -
1947 - Version 3

This Instruction Leaflet, unusually stapled at the top in terms of 7 of the pages, even though they are landscape orientation, was produced by Plimpton for their first post-war BAYKO sets from 1946 to 1948. None of the early post-war manuals has "How to Build with BAYKO" instructions, this document fulfilled that role. This is the third version and dates from 1947 , and is shown courtesy of Andrew Lance and Peter Hilton.
Page 8, [below] is obviously(!) the same size as the other pages, but I have deliberately displayed it in its correct portrait orientation.
This is the third version of this manual, however, the difference between it and its immediate predecessor is truly minimal. Page 8 of the this version now carries the legend "Plus 3d. in the 1/- Purchase Tax" [i.e. 25%] overprinted, vertically, at the right hand side of the page.
As a piece of continuing trivia, on page 3 [below], the word 'showing', on the second line of the first paragraph, was misspelled as "shewing" in version 1 and has still not been corrected.
When set #3 was introduced in 1948, this leaflet was still being included, in that case along with a specific set #3 manual.
There were three other versions of this "How to Build with BAYKO" manual : -
Surprisingly there is also a Canadian version of earlier issue of this document : -
This document was superceded in 1948 when set #3 was launched : -
This document, and its successors, were included in post-war BAYKO sets with a number of other manuals : -
It comprises just 8 pages, printed in black on cheap, off-white, newsprint type paper.
Size 178mm x 124mm = 7.0 x 4.9 inches.
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Page 1 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 2 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 3 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 4 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 5 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 6 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 7 of the 1947 leaflet
Page 8 of the 1947 leaflet
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