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Hi, I'm Pete Bradley, A.K.A. “The BAYKO Man”. Welcome to my BAYKO web site - www.baykoman.com - the world's biggest and brightest BAYKO website! I hope that you enjoy the comprehensive [what do you mean obsessive‽] yet lighthearted approach I've striven to achieve in this labour of love, which I hope you will enjoy and revisit regularly!
This web site is dedicated to all things BAYKO.
Copy of a BAYKO 'with compliments' slip from the second half of the 1950s
BAYKO, the world's first [and finest!] plastic construction toy, was produced in Liverpool between 1933 and 1967 [the middle third of the 20th century] though the first, and last three years were restricted. The earliest sets were called BAYKO Light Constructional Sets - a harmless pun on the BAKELITE from which they were made.
I've tried to be as accurate as I can, hopefully without being pedantic, but I will always welcome any arguments, comments, criticisms, corrections, disagreements, or praise(!) coupled with, of course, any new BAYKO-related information you may have to share - with full attribution, of course.
Picture of me as a child - including early evidence of my addiction to ice cream!
I plan to continue to update the site regularly so I believe it's well worth your making more than one visit, after all there are already : -
►well over 450,000 words
on more than 470 pages
with comfortably over 4,500 images
plus fully animated versions of every known BAYKO manual!
I hope you enjoy your visit and that you return often and also tell your friends [BAYKO or sadly, BAYKO-free!] about the site and, of course, about BAYKO.
The photo [left] shows me at the ripe old age of 2 - I think…
…my mother agreed and said it was taken in Morecambe in 1952!
It's good to see such an early example of my incurable [who wants a cure‽] addiction to ice cream, which clearly pre-dates my benign addiction to BAYKO
…my first BAYKO set didn't arrive until I'd reached the venerable age of 6!
I'm a collector not a dealer [you'll find links to some excellent dealers elsewhere on the site - left hand panel, green section "Links"] so I'm always keen to acquire more BAYKO, particularly pre-war items rescued from your attic or cellar.
I can offer a good home to your BAYKO!
I'm more than happy to provide mutual links to sites run by other BAYKO collectors and, of course, there is already a link to the BAYKO Collectors Club website, which I thoroughly recommend.
Picture of me in<br>my BAYKO jumper.
I welcome mutual web links [clubs, individuals or museums] supporting any construction or related toys.
I am happy to help with publicity for exhibitions in which BAYKO or other construction toys will be featured.
All you've got to do is let me know…
Saint BAYKO Cathedral - with my sky-scraper model behind
I've a large collection of BAYKO models, sets, literature, even packaging, and enjoy attending both the BAYKO Collectors Club meetings and the occasional exhibitions…
…it gives me a chance to talk about my favourite subject!
Now that KELLOGG's have long since signed my release papers, [Hooray!!!] I'm free to attend exhibitions, around the country, much more frequently.
On a personal note I'd like to register my thanks, both in recognition, and in anticipation, of people who make direct contributions to the site.
I've been able to identify a source of 1-metre and 2-metre long replica BAYKO rods of the correct gauge to help you build larger models - there's no excuse now for not having a go!!
You can click on almost all the images on the site to show a larger, more detailed version. You can then choose either to close the larger images with the green button provided, or simply wait and let them self-close, which they will do after 2 minutes.
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I wish you many happy returns!!!
I've tried to make navigation around the site quite simple.
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Now it's up to you - I hope you enjoy both BAYKO and my web site!!!

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