Second BAYKO Patent - #613,767

The original BAYKO patent, #422,645, was granted to C.B. Plimpton, BAYKO's inventor, on January 16th, 1935.
2nd BAYKO patent front page - click here for larger image
The second patent was different.
2nd patent page 2
Application was made on July 2nd, 1946 with additions on June 4th and 21st 1947.
Patent #613,767 was finally granted on December 2nd, 1948, just days before C.B.'s untimely death.
This might explain the fact that few of the ideas were realised...
...clear evidence, I believe, that C.B. was the innovator.
The prime mover for the patent was a modular roofing system proposing the use of standard BAYKO Rods to hold the roof sections together.
Perhaps the big issue, looking at the proposal, was the fact that it would have required quite a significant number of new mouldings - a bit of a risk, perhaps, when contemplating the return on investment...
...or maybe they proved too fiddly for little fingers...
2nd patent page 3
2nd patent page 4
2nd patent page 5
...then again, perhaps they just weren't realistic enough in practice!
The drawing [below] was the only one included in the final specification.
The items which did see the light of day were : -
2nd patent page 6 - the drawing - click here for larger image
But these dreams never became a reality : -
Flat roofs.
Modular roofs?
Roof ends.
Modular roof ends?
Gable roof.
Modular form of "Mansard" roof?
Hatched pattern.
Possible forerunner of the 1950s corner brick - submitted as a roof ridge section!
Sloping "semi roof" extension pieces for roofing areas below the main roof height?
Personally I think it's a shame that the full modular roofing system wasn't introduced as I particularly enjoy building large models and, at times, lack of appropriate roofing can be a significant constraint.
I actually wrote to Plimpton in 1959 - great timing! - complaining about the limited Roof sizes...
...if only I'd known!
The images below show what I presume to be the formal 'letters patent' which, in this case, were issued to "Margaret Audrey Plimpton, legal representative of Charles Bird Plimpton, deceased", on May 20th, 1949.
BAYKO letters patent #613,767
Left - the 'letters patent' #613,767, complete with the official Patent Office Seal.
The formal citation says that the patent was granted for "Improvements in constructional toys".
Letters Patent, renewal details
Above - the U.K. patent renewal details with the key dates clearly shown.
It's interesting to note that the renewal date is the date of initial application for the patent.
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