Abnormal BAYKO

Arriving here may, perhaps, mean that you have somehow acquired either some BAYKO spare parts, sets or conversion sets which don't appear to match any of my descriptions - so far.
Please don't get over excited at this stage - it may only mean that my powers of description or of colour perception aren't quite as good as they should be!
Detached House built with early BAYKO parts including Oak pillars
Still, like most collectors, I'm always interested in unusual BAYKO items.
As well as details of the BAYKO itself, details of where and when you acquired it, and any other 'provenance' you can remember could be important - it may provide some useful clues.
If you have some “Unexplained BAYKO” then I'd love to hear from you…
On the other hand you may have arrived here through curiosity. If that's the case you are equally welcome.
There are several explanations for unusual BAYKO : -
Rare and 'unofficial' variants…
Unexpected set contents…
Unexpected set boxes…
Less well known variants…
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