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As with so many other things in life, BAYKO doesn't always conform to it's own rules! Detailed below are just examples - if your set discrepancy isn't listed here, don't panic, it may well still be a genuine BAYKO anomaly.
Inaccurate Counting
It was quite common, particularly in earlier sets, for the contents to stray from the published list. For example there are often small changes in the balance between the 'Oak' Bricks and 'Oak' Half Bricks provided in the "De-Luxe" #6 set, though these would cancel each other out in terms of the total area of bricks, so building capability was largely unaffected.
Wall Capping
Wall capping
Most of the time, 3-hole Wall Capping wasn't mentioned in the contents list of sets in which they were supplied...
...however, as 3-hole and 6-hole Wall Cappings were made by the simple expedient of cutting a 9-hole Wall Capping into two pieces...
...simple logic, and observation, suggests numbers of the 3 and 6-hole Wall Cappings are usually the same...
All three sizes of Wall Cappings were, I believe, included in the 'New Series' BAYKO set #6, but never appeared in the parts list.
Mixed Production Periods
Early red & white sets in 1937 still had the earlier maroon Roofs.
Pre-war set 3, showing the brighter red bricks and green door which the toy retailer added to make the set complete
This particular example could have been as a result of an operational decision to use up old materials or because of early teething problems with the new mix.
However, pre-war, and immediately post-war, there was a thriving second-hand toy trade in the U.K. and BAYKO sets were very much part of this...
...retailers would replace missing parts to sell full sets...
...and, given the shortages, this often meant including parts from different production periods [possibly different colours and mouldings] to make good.
I've spoken to people who had such 'make-do-and-mend' sets as presents when they were children...
...the set [right] is a classic example, with the later 'top up', bright red bricks and light green Door clearly visible.
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