This piece of information actually refers to other products in the MECCANO portfolio, but I don't think it's stretching things too far to suggest that BAYKO, the [then] new recruit to that portfolio, would probably have been handled in the same manner - the timing is certainly reasonable.
Page 62 of the December, 1961 issue of Games and Toys showing the MECCANO Packaging
The image [left] shows part of an article on “Package Design” from the December, 1961 issue of 'Games and Toys', a leading publication for the U.K. toy trade.
The central image has a lengthy caption : -
Packages Designed by R.H. Talmadge Associates for Meccano Ltd. This design, which imparted greater emphasis to the Meccano brand and created an easily recognised brand image for the product, gives an example of what can be achieved to create automatic recognition of pack and product from considerable distances. All essential items have been given their correct logical emphasis and result in a dynamic hard-selling design, which has the right attributes to suggest the quality of the product and the integrity of the company which manufactures it.
Whilst I cannot state categorically that R.H. Talmadge Associates did design the MECCANO era BAYKO packaging, their styles are certainly not dissimilar.
As an aside - if R.H. Talmadge Associates did do the artwork for BAYKO, did communication failures with MECCANO contribute to some of the early marketing errors. After all, one of the errors is on the final packs - or “Wraps” as they seem to have been called in the trade. It's the Large Window, next to the Door on the model.
The next image [right], showing an advert for Leon Goodman Displays Limited, was printed facing the article above and again relates to other MECCANO portfolio products.
Page 63 of the December, 1961 issue of Games and Toys showing the Leon Goodman advert
The advert clearly uses the fact that Leon Goodman were a creator / supplier of “point-of-sale material” for MECCANO.
The “Light Thief” signs, visible high up on the shelves in the picture, are specifically mentioned in the advert.
Again I can furnish no evidence of their specific involvement with BAYKO, but the general tone of the advert is indicative of a well established, comfortable relationship between Leon Goodman and MECCANO
…they even got H.H. Owen, Advertising Manager, MECCANO Limited, out of his office for a photograph!
As I said above, although the evidence is circumstantial, I think it is a reasonable hypothesis to suggest that both firms were involved with MECCANO era BAYKO.
Sadly, it looks like R.H. Talmadge Associates, and Leon Goodman Displays Limited are no longer in business.
If you've any info. on BAYKO Marketing, from the MECCANO or Plimpton eras, I'd love to hear from you…
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