BAYKO in the ‘Toyman’ Articles
in 'MECCANO Magazine'

Please don't get over excited, the ‘Toyman’ articles were not a medium for driving BAYKO sales. They were very much aimed at the DINKY TOYS market, through its play value, though with occasional references, and more frequent photographs, which brought BAYKO into the equation.
Articles presenting the latest DINKY TOYS offering(s) appeared virtually every month after the war, generally, though not always, under the nominal authorship of ‘Toyman’. 'MECCANO MAGAZINE' also used the label 'DINKY News' for some of these articles for a brief period.
Rather surprisingly, BAYKO made a fleeting appearance in the ‘Toyman’ articles for two months, August and September, 1953, as you can see below, and even warranted a specific mention in the script of both.  Surely this is indicative of a friendly working relationship between the two companies, this being six years before the takeover.
After the MECCANO takeover of BAYKO, the first ‘Toyman’ article to mention BAYKO appeared in 'MECCANO Magazine' in October, 1960, though, as you can see, the fourteen subsequent inclusions were only intermittent I'm afraid.
Apart from the photo in the September, 1963 issue, the inclusion of BAYKO in the ‘Toyman’ articles seems to have been squeezed out by the introduction of the ‘Architect’ articles in July, 1963
In March, 1962, there was also a one-off article, in 'MECCANO Magazine' entitled “Famous Buildings in BAYKO”
Below you will find a full set of photos, which include BAYKO models, from the 'MECCANO Magazine' ‘Toyman’ articles, together with any actual printed references to BAYKO [“Shown in Quotes”].
The images below are all from my own collection so I am confident of the accuracy - unless, of course, I've missed some out!!!

1953, August - P408

This is the first deliberate inclusion of BAYKO that I've found in 'MECCANO Magazine'. Despite my inability to find it, Roger Thiedeman pointed out that BAYKO is also mentioned in the text : -
“A more ambitious stand built up of Bayko parts
is shown in one of the illustrations.”
This is actually a 'DINKY News' article.
Toyman Article August 1953

1953, September - Pages 448 & 449

Toyman Article September 1953
Toyman Article September 1953
Page 448
Page 449
The September article again mentions BAYKO specifically…
“…but the idea occurred to me of making use of Bayko parts.”
This is actually a 'DINKY News' article.

Remember, the two entries above were more than 6 years before the MECCANO takeover!!!
Equally noteworthy - MECCANO didn't mention BAYKO for more than a year after the takeover!!!

1960, October - Page 513

Page 513 of the October, 1960 edition of MECCANO Magazine with BAYKO reference
This image [left] shows the tenth and final paragraph of the October, 1960 ‘Toyman’ article. The ‘Toyman’ articles were a key feature in MECCANO's marketing of DINKY TOYS, which was, indeed, exactly how this particular BAYKO entry was slanted. BAYKO apparently warrants just one, albeit somewhat rambling, sentence.
If you slide your mouse over the image, you will see just how prominent this BAYKO reference is!
Under the subheading : -
“Based on the real thing”
The full reference reads as follows : -
“And, of course, if you or your brother or sister have a Bayko Outfit, you have a ready-made toy for giving you neat roadside buildings which can enormously enhance the particular reproduction of town or countryside that you may have in mind, for Bayko, attractive in the range of buildings it offers, and simple to use, is made to approximately the same scale as Dinky Toys.”
This BAYKO entry is unique in that there is no link to any of the three photographs shown on the page. [To date] all the other entries are photography based.

1961, November - Page 400

November, 1961 - page 400 - Toyman article
The following reference to BAYKO appears in the script : -
“Enthusiasts will notice that with this picture I have
included two Bayko buildings, just behind the wall of the
fire station, and I think they fit in very well in deed.”

Below this point, all the quotes [“in blue”] are from captions associated with the pictures shown.

1962, June - Page 238

“Bayko is used in conjunction with the new Minicab
and the latest Dinky Toys figures in this scene.”
June, 1962 - page 238 - Toyman article

1962, July - P 279

August, 1962 - page 321 - Toyman article

There was no mention of BAYKO in the script.

The BAYKO is in the top right corner and behind the Depot.

1962, August - P 321

Again there was no mention of BAYKO in the script.

The BAYKO dominates the background.

August, 1962 - page 321 - Toyman article

1962, October - Pages 402 & 404

October, 1962 - page 402 - Toyman article - click here for a larger image
October, 1962 - page 404 - Toyman article
Page 402
Page 404
There was a brief direct reference to BAYKO.
“Note the use of Bayko for background effect.”

1962, November - Page 444

November, 1962 - page 444 - Toyman article
“Good use has been made of Bayko
to provide the very realistic background.”

1962, December - Page 491

“This studio shot reveals how Dinky Toys and accessories,
in conjunction with Bayko,
can be used to make a typical present-day scene.”
December, 1962 - page 491 - Toyman article

1963, January - Page 24

January, 1963 - page 24 - Toyman article
“Buildings in the background are built with Bayko.”

1963, February - Page 70

“Garage and houses are built in Bayko.”
February, 1963 - page 70 - Toyman article

1963, February - P 71

February, 1963 - page 71 - Toyman article
There was no mention of BAYKO in the script.

1963, March - P 116

There was no mention of BAYKO in the script.
March, 1963 - page 116 - Toyman article

1963, September - Pages 383

September, 1963 - page 383 - Toyman article
“The house and garage are constructed from Bayko.”

The 'MECCANO Magazine' was taken over by MAP Magazines from March, 1964 onwards,
doubtless as part of the TRI-ANG takeover and associated restructuring.
The last article, which was formally specified as being by ‘Toyman’,
appeared in the April, 1964 issue of 'MECCANO Magazine', however…

1964, May - Page 37

“This realistic scene, making use of Bayko buildings,
features the new Vauxhall Viva, Dinky Toys No. 136.”
May, 1964 - page 37 - Toyman successor article

1964, November - Page 50

BAYKO buildings as background to the new DINKY TOTS Bedford TK coal lorry
There was a brief caption below the picture which read : -

“Bayko Buildings with Bedford TK coal lorry”.

Thanks to Andy Harris for spotting this one.

In the October, 1964 issue, 'MECCANO Magazine' produced its first article extolling the merits of CLIKI and CLIKI PLUS, MECCANO's short-lived answer to LEGO…
…emphasising the death knell for BAYKO.
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