BAYKO Product Details - 1945 / 1946

First things first, without the discovery of his set #1 by Chris Boutal, this page would not exist, but, with that must come a small caveat. I think we have to be cautious in extrapolating too far from a single set, important as it is. Controversy - don't you just love it‽
So when did this production period start? There is one printed clue as to when the first post-war sets were produced. It can be found on a Parts Price List, in postcard form, which was franked on July 2nd, 1945, and includes the legend, “Complete sets available Shortly”
Identifying product from this period is fairly easy, but to those with relatively poor colour discernment, like yours truly, not an exact science.
Chris Boutal's post-war 'new series' set 1 - open
The image [left] shows that the Bases, Windows and Doors are all a bright apple green colour, unique to the immediate post war years, though not just this production period, as it also includes the early part of the next section.
The red Bricks are an intense, almost raspberry red colour, and the End Bricks have the unadulterated “27” on the reverse. The Curved Bricks have the earlier 'flat plates' for the rear Rod holes, rather than the later cylinder.
One thing we look out for is the translucent quality, particularly in red parts, in the period following the war, but, oddly, it isn't present here.
Again, the caveat - we have to be careful about extrapolating too far from just one example.  My personal view is that the product here is essentially the same as that in the subsequent period - c. 1946, once the set structure had been changed to include set #0, with that in mind, I suggest that you click on the link below, if you would like a more detailed analysis of the immediate post-war product…
However, [it really is a little disconcerting just how frequently there turns out to be an 'however'] thanks to Roger Spendlove, we are, perhaps, finally beginning to unearth some evidence of larger Post-War 'New Series' sets. Let the quest begin!!!
Possible post-war 'new series' set #3 linen baf for rods and accessories
Roger has sent me the image [right] of a linen bag used for Rods and other accessories, which has been printed with the contents of a 'New Series' set #3!
It looks like I'm going to have to rifle through my stock of such bags, on the off chance that I might have been blind to evidence that was right before my eyes - not for the first time!
Non-the-less, it is, perhaps, beginning to look like there may well have been a broader range, albeit extremely brief, of Post-War 'New Series sets…
…however, here I go again, because it is perfectly possible, as part of the impact of austerity in the early months of the war, that such linen bags may have been introduced earlier, i.e. pre-war, which would automatically have broadened the range of sets involved…
…hopefully eventually, to quote Ron Weasley's dad [Harry Potter], “Truth will out!”
Seriously, I must point out that, to date, I have no evidence for such a hypothesis, I am just being cautious and awaiting further evidence, perhaps you could help…
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