BAYKO Product Details - 1962 to 1964

The 12 models suggested by the set #15 leaflets - built by Malcolm Hanson
I have chosen to define this period as having begun with the introduction of the range of brand new BAYKO parts by MECCANO.
The existing range of BAYKO parts and sets #11 to #14 was unaffected by this change.
The images to the left show, in order, the 12 models provided for in the set #15 leaflets…
…the models shown were built by Malcolm Hanson.
The new parts further emphasised the move away from the 1930s to the 1960s in terms of architectural style.
Somewhat surprisingly, limited stocks of Plimpton era items were still being offered for sale by MECCANO even at this stage.
The new pieces, which were available from August 1962, were : -
The full range of new BAYKO parts introduced inAgust 1962
A 3-part set to produce a Dormer Roof matching the size D light green 'tiled' roofs…
…the window could be used separately to provide panoramic views, 4 Bricks wide!
This represents the only time BAYKO ventured into the attic!
3 sizes of red Pantile Roofs [B, C & D].
2 new styles of Roof End [Waney Edge & Boarded] - both styles were available in 4 sizes like the original ones.
Model made with Waney Edge Roof Ends
Opening French Windows.
Model made with Boarded Roof Ends
A Picture (or Shop) Window.
An odd item called a Display Shelf.
This new range of BAYKO parts had a very positive impact on BAYKO modelling, even right up to the present day…
…though the total range of parts available was still somewhat limited by 1950s standards…
…if only BAYKO had survived!
However, mixing Roof Ends [3 styles] and Roofs [2 styles] gives 6 different permutations - it's surprising just how different they look!
Strangely, to date, the earliest mention of these new BAYKO parts that I have come across, dates from as early as January, 1962, and comes from the [West] German market…
There are two MECCANO era BAYKO manuals which cover this period.
Front cover of the Later MECCANO era BAYKO manual, date-code April, 1962 - click here for a larger image
Firstly, the standard manual for sets #11 to 14 [left]…
Model #B15.1, the first of the 12 model sheets issued with sets #15 and #14C
Secondly, a later version, date-coded March, 1964.
Thirdly, a set of 12 model plan leaflets [right], plus a new parts sheet, was issued with sets #15 and #14C…
Malcolm Hanson has built all twelve of the suggested set #15 models…
You may want to know more about the full range of BAYKO manuals, if so…
1962 Flier listing set 15 for the first time
There is a slight question raised by a BAYKO flier dated April, 1962.
In a reference to the #15 set, it says, “It has only been introduced this year”. Clearly such documents could easily be written to be read with hindsight, but if you take it literally it's certainly confusing.
However, I've seen the the MECCANO era BAYKO order form, for 1962, which clearly states, “…not available until August…”.
Perhaps the advertising flier was printed early in the marketing process and was expected to be read mainly after the actual August launch…
…I guess you can decide!
Perhaps the fact that the flier doesn't actually show an image of set #15 is indicative of the fact that it was produced before the set was available for the graphic artists to include.
Marketing-supported production continued until early 1964, though there is supporting trade paperwork which indicates that some BAYKO production did continue until as late as September, 1967, as MECCANO 'milked' BAYKO as much as they could.

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