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Nothing complicated here. The aim is simply to give you everything you need to know in order to join/rejoin the BAYKO Collectors Club. Sadly, in the way of such things, not everything here is exciting - but it is comprehensive!
First, the unalloyed good news.  What do you get as part of your membership of the BAYKO Collectors Club?
The B.C.C. holds four meetings every year to which all members are welcome.
In advance of each of these meetings, BAYKO News, the B.C.C.'s truly excellent magazine, is issued to all members.
Join with other B.C.C. members at exhibitions - show off your pride and joy - help spread the word to the wider public.
Discount on some essential BAYKO building parts.
The opportunity to contact other members to share and learn about all sorts of building systems, not just BAYKO.
Secondly the admin. stuff - the committee and membership of the BAYKO Collectors Club believe that everything should be done, not just to have fun, which is obviously key, but, in doing so, to make sure that new and old members alike always have access to all the vital [but boring!] bits as well, these being essential to ensure that we operate entirely in the interest of each and every member in a way which is…
…as well as being…
…as the advertising industry claims, but rarely delivers in full.
These objectives sum up why, for your protection, the BAYKO Collectors Club has now become a limited company.

The B.C.C. committee strongly urges you to take a few minutes to read the first three items below
by clicking on the appropriate links in the green boxes,
[nobody could blame you if you just stuck to the first two!!!],
before you click on the fourth link, in the blue box,
to download the membership form and secure your B.C.C. membership.
n.b. - each file will open in a new page.
n.b. - should any of the above need to be changed, all members will be informed.
The B.C.C. Committee encourages you, to keep a printed copy of all the above for your future reference,
though, should you wish to save the planet, they will remain available via the links on this page.
We hope you found the above process simple to follow [we didn't promise excitement!]…
We look forward to a long, fruitful relationship with you as a BAYKO Collectors Club member.
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Latest update - August 11, 2022
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